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Research in nutrition and medicine over the past few decades increasingly has born out the truth of the old adage, You are what you eat, which we would rewrite, "You age how you eat." Consider these facts:

The number of calories you consume profoundly affects your level of free radical production and the types of food from which you derive these calories determine the range and amounts of antioxidants available to neutralize these free radicals.

The types of fats you eat can change the balance between inflammatory and anti-inflammatory molecules circulating in your blood.  This can affect such conditions as PMS, arthritis, cardiovascular disease and cancer risk.

The timing of meals and the rapidity with which the carbohydrates in them are absorbed can change the metabolism of fats and the production of hormones such as insulin and growth hormone. 

Restricting the calories of a laboratory mouse by 30% can increase its lifespan by 50%.

Thus, one of the primary focuses of any anti-aging program must be the amounts, types, and timing of foods that are consumed by its patients.  We believe that there is sufficient evidence in the nutritional and medical scientific literature to dictate the elements of nutritional program that is superior to other diets in its age retarding and reversing effects.


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Response to Skeptics:

"Man who say it cannot be done should not interrupt man doing it."
- Chinese Proverb



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