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Human Life Expectancy

Life expectancy depends on the genes we inherit. But we can extend that by 70 percent because of two factors that we can control, lifestyle and environment.

Factors such as improvement in health, sanitation, and nutrition have led to the progressive increase in human life expectancy. Peace and order and economics also figure into the equation. Future discoveries in disease management, prevention, and genetics will further improve longevity. It is easy to imagine that in a few decades, human life expectancy will closely approximate human lifespan of 120 years.

Typically, the top causes of death among individualsaged 65 years and older are: heart disease, cancer, cerebrovascular disease, chronic obstructive lung disease, pneumonia and influenza, diabetes, and accidents.

We can choose to modify some of the risk factors that lead to these diseases, such as: lack of exercise, smoking, drug and alcohol abuse, weight gain, stress, and social isolation.

Good health care is also a cornerstone for longevity. Primary prevention reduces the risk of disease before it occurs. Secondary prevention involves adequate control of disease that is already present. Both forms of prevention are cost-effective and backed by scientific studies.

Primary disease prevention includes:

1. Regular check-up with your physician. Tests appropriate to one’s age are advised. Valuable tests include those that detect your cholesterol and blood sugar levels, and risk for heart disease and its complications. Women with risk factors for osteoporosis are advised to undergo a bone densitometry test.

2. Immunization against flu, pneumonia, tetanus. All persons aged 60 and older are encouraged to receive yearly anti-flu shots and at least one pneumococcal 23 polyvalent vaccine.

3. Cancer screening. Cancer screening appropriate to one’s age includes mammography, pap smear, and prostate cancer detection.

If you have known diseases such as hypertension, high cholesterol, and diabetes, you can actively lower the risk of future complications by being physically active, exercising regularly and eating healthy.

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