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Cognitive Science studies the nature and organization of the human mind, drawing on the insights of linguistics, psychology and philosophy. It also researches artificial cognitive systems that store and process information, namely computers of all sorts. As a discipline in its own right, it developed around 1950.

The main areas of research are neural science, cognitive psychology, artificial intelligence and philosophy of mind. Neural science studies the brain on a purely physiological level -- synapses, neurons and grey matter. Cognitive psychology focuses on the processes of human learning, language and skill acquisition and memory -- functions of the human mind, not brain. Artificial Intelligence studies artificial cognitive processes -- how to make a machine operate as though it had a soul or consciouness. Finally, the philosophy of mind asks questions such as "how does the mind interact with the body"? "What is the difference between soul, mind and brain?" "What does it mean to be conscious?"

Since "representation" is a necessary concept of cognitive science discourse, the discipline also benefits from semiotic perspectives that have proven quite useful for human-computer interaction.

Cognitive science takes the human mind/ brain to be a sophisticated manipulator of symbols and information much like a computer. This is known as the "information processing" or "functionalist" view. Some philosophers and scientists see the mind/computer analogy as an inherently dangerous and problematic model. For the future, cognitive science is seeking its own methods of inquiry that are independent of models borrowed from psychology and computer science.

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Brain Wave Entrainment


The use of brain wave entrainment tapes and CDs based on binaural beat frequency research results in brain wave entrainment and can induce altered states of consciousness. Some have called it instant meditation. Unlike mind altering drugs which people use to achieve altered states, binaural beat brainwave entrainment technology is legal and non-toxic.

Lucid dreams, altered states, deep relaxation, euphoria, increased intuition, awareness, enhanced creativity, accelerated learning, psychic abilities, elimination of insomnia and the symptoms of stress, increased endorphin levels have been attributed to the use of binaural beat audio technology. A technology that permits the control of brainwave frequency patterns allowing the intentional inducement of altered states.

This new technology, is based on  binaural beat frequencies and their effect on the sub cortical auditory system of the brain. After five minutes, the resonant entrainment effect has induced vast areas of the brain to resonate at the same frequency. The result is a dominant brain wave pattern at the desired frequency.

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Smart Drugs / Nootropics


Another group of products used in anti-aging medicine are nootropics or "smart" drugs. The word nootropic is Greek and means "acting on the mind". These drugs, when used alone or in conjunction with each other are purported to enhance cognitive response and memory. Some examples of nootropics are as follows:

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Response to Skeptics:

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