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An important anti-aging and nootropic drug, hydergine may help protect the brain from free radical damage and oxygen starvation. Hydergine maintains the brain's optimal metabolism of oxygen. Oxygen is a free radical scavenger and generator. Free radicals cause age-associated damage, and at optimal levels, oxygen will neutralize more free radicals than it generates. Hydergine may also stimulate the growth of dendrite nerve fibers, which may have a possible link to intelligence. Also, recent studies suggest that hydergine may reduce Senescent Cell Antigen (SCA), a destructive auto-antibody appearing more frequently in elderly cells. SCA damages cells and finally destroys them.

Hydergine's anti-aging benefits may include protection from free radical damage, especially to the brain and the heart; protection from hypoxia and peroxidation; prevention and treatment of strokes and other brain injuries; increased potential life span; and improved and extended periods of mental workloads.

European studies on cats proved that hydergine-treated cats survived severe diminished blood and oxygen supply for much longer periods than non-hydergine-treated cats. Whereas, cats in the control group suffered brain damage within five minutes, cats treated with hydergine survived 45 minutes later with strong brain wave patterns.

Pharmacology: Synonyms, Co-dergocrine Mesi Co-dergocrine Methanesulphonate; Dihydroergotoxine Mesylate; Dihydroergotoxine Methanesulphonate; Dihydrogenated Ergot Alkaloids; Ergoloid Mesylates (USAN); hydrogenated Ergot Alkalids. CAS Registry: 11032-41-0 (co-dergocrie).

Side Effects and Contraindications: Mild side effects including nausea, headache, flushing of the skin, dizziness, and more rarely, vomiting, may occur with initial use. Stomach upset may be more common with the tablet forms.

Hydergine is synergistic with other nootropics, especially Piracetam and its analogues. Overall dosage may need to be reduced.

Distribution: Hydergine is supplied in 1mg, l.5mg, 3mg, 4.5mg, or 5mg tablets, and in sublingual liquid form where it is possible to take 0.5mg doses at a time. There are many generics on the world market. However, it is generally accepted that the original manufacturers of hydergine, Sandoz, manufacture the purest product.

Notes: It is still generally accepted that Sandoz, the original producers of hydergine manufacture the highest purity grade product.

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