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HGH - Humatrope
Human Growth Hormone


Human Growth Hormone (hGH or humatrope) is secreted by the pituitary gland. It causes growth and repair of body tissues, including the muscles, the skin, the kidneys, and more. HGH levels naturally rise sharply throughout puberty, peak at about age 20, and then slowly decrease. HGH has been used to treat children who fail to make sufficient growth hormone and to treat adults with hGH deficiency.

HGH's anti-aging benefits may include increased vitality and energy, changes in fat levels in location, increased muscle mass, thickening of the skin, improved sleep, enhanced bone growth and maintenance and increased life span.

A 1990 study conducted by Daniel Rudman, M.D. and colleagues and published by the New England Journal of Medicine reported that hGH reversed aging in human subjects. An experiment conducted by Drs. David Khansari and Thomas Gustad of North Dakota State initially showed that mice treated with hGH outlived untreated mice, but the study ended before all mice died of natural causes. A two-year trial conducted by Drs. G. Johanson, B.A. Bengtsson and others reported in 1996 that treatment with hGH increased bone growth and maintenance.

Side Effects and Contraindications:
Side effects may include bloating, carpal tunnel syndrome, gynecomastia (increase in mammary glands in men), slight decrease in response to insulin, slight increase in blood pressure, hypertension accompanied by headaches and swelling of the optic nerve and decrease in thyroid hormone production.

HGH treatments are currently very expensive and available at clinics and through prescription for adult hGH deficiency.


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