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Meclofenoxate Hydrochlorate

Centrophenoxine removes lipofuscin, potassium age pigment from the brain, heart and skin. Appearances of lipofuscin in the skin are referred to as liver, or age spots. Lipofuscin occurs in much higher levels in Alzheimer's patients than in their counterparts, and some theories relate brain and memory function to the ability of potassium to enter and exit brain cells. As we age, this ability is reduced and potassium levels rise. Centrophenoxine can also increase production of brain RNA and aid in a patient's oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide production.

Centrophenoxine's possible anti-aging benefits include protection against free radical damage in the brain, increased potential life span, reduction and prevention of age spots in skin, increased mental energy, improved memory, and prevention and treatment of stroke and brain injury.

Pharmacology: Synonyms: Centrophenoxine Hydrochloride: Clofenoxine Hydrochloride: Clophenoxate Hydrochloride: Deanol 4 Chlorophenoxyacetate Hydrochloride; Meclofenoxane Hydrochloride. Chemical Name: 2-Dimethylaminoethyl 4-chlorophynoxyacetate hydrochloride. Molecular Formula: C(12)H(16)CINO(3), HCI Molecular Weight: 294.2 CAS Registry: 51-68-3 (meclofenoxate): 3685-84-5 (meclofenoxate hydrochloride).

Side Effects and Contraindications: Possible side effects may include nausea, or mild dizziness. People with severely high blood pressure, or convulsive disorders such as epilepsy, should avoid Centrophenoxine.

Distribution: Centrophenoxine is supplied in 250mg-tablet form under the trade names Cerutil, Helfergin and Lucidril.

Notes: Because of its low toxicity and side effects and potential positive effects in anti-aging, Centrophenoxine is considered to be an important anti-aging supplement. In France, it is viewed as a superior DMAE product and is available over-the-counter.

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