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The Story of Ozone

Dr. Saul Pressman


Dr. Saul Pressman holds the degree of Doctor of Chiropathy from the Romano Byzantine College of Norfolk, Virginia. He is licensed by the Romano Byzantine Synod to teach the Ozone Hyperthermic Technician course, which is accredited by the College.

Chiropathy is a form of healing that aids a person to discover that:

  • wellness is dependent on the unification of body, mind and spirit;
  • each person is responsible for achieving and maintaining his own optimal wellness;
  • such wellness is dependent on following natural means and therapies; and
  • preventing disease is well within the ability of each person.

Chiropathy points the way toward total wellness by offering sound advice and educational opportunities so that each person can make intelligent, informed decisions about the various factors influencing his total wellness. This state of wellness is a natural state of being, regardless of the age of the person.


Canada and the United States are signatories to the World Health Organization's Declaration of Helsinki, which states:

"In the treatment of the sick person, the physician must be free to use a new diagnostic or therapeutic measure, if in his or her judgment it offers hope of saving life, re-establishing health or alleviating suffering."

Any college or board of physicians or equivalent medical licensing board that investigates or harasses a physician for using ozone therapy is in violation of the Helsinki Declaration.

Table of Contents

The History of Medical Ozone
Types of Ozone Generators
Cold Plasma Ozone Generation
The Plasmafire Glass Tube
Ozone Concentration
Ozone and Magnets
Ozone for Prevention
Ozone Therapy Protocols
The Importance of CT Value : Concentration x Time (chart)
Ozonated Water
Ozonating the Lymph
Breathing Ozone
Ozone: Ozonated Olive Oil - Nature's Gift
Ozone: Dosage and Frequency
Ozone: Methods of Application
Ozone: Hyperthermia
Ozone: Healing Crisis
Ozone: Collateral Therapies
Ozone: Superoxygenation for Health
Ozone: Confirmation of Dr. Warburg's Work
Ozone: Prevention of Cancer
What Does Ozone Do?
How Does Ozone Work?
Vaccination or Ozone
Ozone and Cause of Disease
Ozone: Infection Theories Contrasted
Ozone: Flax Oil and Oxygen Therapies
Ozone Benefits for Athletes
Ozone and Free Radicals
Ozone Has Been Used to Treat
Using Ozone in the Home
Story of Ozone Bibliography

Story of Ozone Index

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Response to Skeptics:

"Man who say it cannot be done should not interrupt man doing it."
- Chinese Proverb



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