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Environmental Toxicity

Health Risks: Chemicals, Food, Water, Medical

An extremely important issue that we all face on a daily basis is the contamination of our air, water and food. These environmental health risks are of special concern to and should be avoided by anyone who may be suffering from cancer, disease or low immunity.

The human body expends vital energy and nutrients protecting itself from dangerous foreign substances. Reducing exposure to dangerous chemical substances helps our immune system fight other disorders that would otherwise cause further degeneration.

Environmental toxicity comes in many forms and disguises. Some of us are in contact with these health risks every day. Knowledge of these environmental health risks will only benefit you and your family. Estimates show that 135,000 children (one in a hundred) under the age of five will become victims of accidental poisoning. About 90 percent of these accidents originate in the home.

Natural and man made chemicals are everywhere in our environment. The synthetic plastic types promote the formation of harmful free radicals in our bodies. The long term effects of the thousands of toxic free radical pollutants in the air, drinking water, food chain, and environment are affecting the health of everyone.

Those that have been banned for decades are still showing up in the food chain and will continue to show up for years to come. When they are proven to be cancer causing and banned, new ones takes their place. Years later, after more damage has occurred, they are banned.

The ingredient listings on the products you buy every day show only a partial amount of the actual ingredients used in processing. Some ingredients may use dozens of other additives and are shown only as one on the sticker. We are not informed of the poisons being used in agriculture, such as fumigants, herbicides, insecticides, and pesticides for fruits and vegetables.

Agriculture uses over 800 million pounds of pesticides and herbicides annually. All of these poisons contaminate the soil for years, and ultimately drain into rivers, lakes and ground aquifers when it rains.

Fish and other marine life die as a result. This causes irreversible damage to the entire ecosystem. When the ecosystem is out of balance, it gets sick the same way humans do. All are harmful to the earth's stratospheric ozone layer.

The World Health Organization considers pesticide poisoning of farm workers a major problem in under-developed countries. It estimates that pesticides cause some 500,000 human poisonings each year, 5,000 of which are fatal.

Cancer is the second biggest killer of all Americans. EPA estimates that there are at least 300,000 affected in the USA.

These are toxic poisons, designed to kill or control insects, weeds, or other pests. Common pesticides can affect the nervous system, respiratory system, kidneys, liver and heart. They can cause eye damage, skin rashes, cancer, sterility, deformed children and death.

The outcome of new types of toxins in the environment may not become fully apparent for another decade or more. Those banned are still showing up and will continue to show up for years to come as they are still being used in other countries and shipped back to us. One should ask why this is allowed to continue.

Environmental toxins are a danger to the immune system and a threat to all life on earth. There are at least 200 known carcinogenic chemicals and compounds used. Synthetic compounds used in the production of meats, such as antibiotics, hormones, tranquilizers, and pesticides amount to over 2,700 different kinds.

Another problem to soon arise through biotechnology will be crops that have been genetically altered. Genetically altered food can contain genes from bacteria, fish, insects, pigs and viruses.

Bioengineering changes the genes of the seeds so they can resist higher doses of herbicides and ripen more slowly. Genetically altered seeds can only grow once and will not have the self-regeneration abilities.

Nutritional values are continually decreasing with the depletion of minerals in the soil. Some feel that altering the genes of the plants will change the environment, alter, or reduce vitamin mineral content and the enzymes needed for proper digestion.

Industries producing these non-edibles defend their products as safe and will influence the younger generation on what they consider being beneficial. Some government officials have decided that we do not need to know if they are genetically changed. Labeling them has not been a requirement and calls for labeling are worrying the industry.

Some ranchers state a decrease of 1/4 percent birth rates in livestock by feeding them genetically altered grain.

Some scientists are warning us of the potential threats but it will not become a serious problem for some time. We will see the long-term effect but by then, the cause will be forgotten and blamed on something else.

Things in nature all have a reason or a cause. NATURE made it this way for a purpose. When a person disrupts the natural life cycle, there will always be consequences from his actions. Synthetics and genetics can affect the balance of nature and be disastrous for everyone.

Thousands of Environmental Health Risks (continued)


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