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Cognitive Science studies the nature and organization of the human mind, drawing on the insights of linguistics, psychology and philosophy. It also researches artificial cognitive systems that store and process information, namely computers of all sorts. As a discipline in its own right, it developed around 1950.

The main areas of research are neural science, cognitive psychology, artificial intelligence and philosophy of mind. Neural science studies the brain on a purely physiological level -- synapses, neurons and grey matter.

Cognitive psychology focuses on the processes of human learning, language and skill acquisition and memory -- functions of the human mind, not brain.

One major contribution of AI and cognitive science to psychology has been the information processing model of human thinking in which the metaphor of brain-as-computer is taken quite literally. Artificial intelligence (AI) involves the study of cognitive phenomena in machines. One of the practical goals of AI is to implement aspects of human intelligence in computers. Computers are also widely used as a tool with which to study cognitive phenomena. Computational modeling uses simulations to study how human intelligence may be structured.

Computational models require a mathematically and logically formal representation of a problem. Computer models are used in the simulation and experimental verification of different specific and general properties of intelligence. Computational modelling can help us to understand the functional organization of a particular cognitive phenomenon. There are two basic approaches to the cognition modeling. The first is focused on abstract mental functions of an intelligent mind and operates using symbols, and the second, which follows the neural and associative properties of the human brain, and is called subsymbolic.

Finally, the philosophy of mind asks questions such as "how does the mind interact with the body"? "What is the difference between soul, mind and brain?" "What does it mean to be conscious?"

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