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Vitamin E Is Anti-Cancer - Despite great advances in medicine, cancer is still a very common disease. At current rates, more than a third of us will suffer from cancer during our lifetime and about one in four of us will die from it. According to the American Cancer Society, 7.6 million people worldwide died from cancer in 2007...

Treat Digestive Problems Naturally - With age, your body’s ability to digest foods declines. You have less stomach acid, and less intrinsic factor, a stomach secretion that helps you absorb vitamin B12. Often you also have less of the pancreatic and liver enzymes that digest protein and fat. Your gastric motility—the speed at which things move through your GI tract-- slows down. The result: uncomfortable feelings of fullness even when you haven’t eaten that much, belching, heartburn, gas, bloating, and constipation. Along with this can come nutritional deficiencies, as absorption of nutrients declines.

Ozone Therapy: A Painless Trip to The Dentist - In just one minute, OZONE gas is applied to the infected tooth to eliminate all bacteria and cavity causing agents. This procedure uses no drills, no injections and it is simple and affordable. OZONE therapy is able to go deeper into the tooth to treat dental problems that have been left decaying for too long. The ozone will sterilize the decaying area without having to remove large areas of the tooth, like traditional bacteria removing techniques. OZONE can also be used for other treatments in our office. ‘Bio-Restructuring’, such as wound healing, desensitizing of teeth, and treatment of infections like Lip Herpes are all simple pain-free procedures...
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Garlic Supplements to Stop Aging and Improve Immune Functions - Garlic has been known for its beneficial effects in many cultures and in recent years garlic supplements have become increasingly popular. The ancients knew of garlic’s powerful infection-fighting properties. Nostradamus, the famous 16th century seer and physician, was credited with saving many lives during the Black Plague, by stringing garlic cloves around the necks of his patients. Some regard this account as more legend than fact, but modern double-blind clinical studies have shown that garlic is a natural antibiotic that kills 27 different pathogens. These are impressive credentials for such a humble, everyday plant.

See Clearly with Fish Oil - Keep your eyes focused and your sight strong by consuming large amounts of omega-3 fatty acids, suggests a new meta-analysis - the gold standard in scientific reporting. The University of Melbourne pooled data from nine studies and found that a high intake of omega-3 fatty acids may reduce the risk of age-related macular degeneration (AMD) by up to 38%. AMD is a degenerative retinal disease that causes central vision loss, leaving only peripheral vision. It’s also the leading cause of blindness. (Chong EW-T, et al. Archives of Ophthalmology. 126(6):826-833, 2008.)

Blueberries Are Little Miracles - Anti-Cancer, Anti-Alzheimer's and More - From research labs around the world, there is growing evidence that blueberries are powerful disease fighters. Here is a summary of what we have learned so far: Blueberries help protect the brain from oxidative stress and reduce the effects of age-related conditions such as Alzheimer's disease or dementia...

Pumping Up Brain Power Helps In Aging Process - The most depressing thing about getting older is that it can't be stopped. Or so we've been told. The aging process seems to be one of inevitable decline, the withering away of both body and mind. But is our fate really so fixed? All signs point to ... not really. Consider Dara Torres, the 41-year-old U.S. swimmer. Although now competing in her fifth Olympics, Torres is swimming faster than ever before. Or what about Madonna? The pop star may have turned 50 this month, but die-hard fans are paying up to $350 to see the former Material Girl perform.

Can Music Add Years To Your Life? - Stress can take 20 years off your life. Music can relieve stress. That could be a start.

Folk Medicine Still Being Used Today - Folk medicine has existed side by side with human beings for thousands of years. In an effort to cope with an environment that was often dangerous, man began finding ways to treat medical problems.

Physical Immortality Within Reach: Scientists Stop Ageing Process - Researchers have blocked the ageing process in mice livers by halting the accumulation of harmful proteins inside the organ's cells, according to a groundbreaking study...

Watermelon Is a Nutritional Wonder - Nothing beats a big slice of perfectly ripe, icy cold watermelon on a hot summer afternoon. Watermelon has lots going for it healthwise, so it’s a guilt-free treat. It’s one of the best food sources of glutathione, an antioxidant important for liver detoxification. It’s also a great source of lycopene, which reduces risk of prostate and other cancers. And it contains citrulline, an amino acid that converts to arginine, which helps to dilate blood vessels and may help blood pressure. It’s a decent source of potassium, vitamin C and beta-carotene. And it has only 46 calories per cup!

Anti-Aging Gene Could Extend Lifespans - Lenny Guarente, a biology professor at MIT, is trying to learn how to manipulate the genes that could extend human life.

Growth Inhibition of Human Colon Cancer Cells By Plant Compounds - Evidence is accumulating that compounds of plant origin (phytochemicals) exert anti-cancer effects.

Dubai goes in search of elixir of youth with launch of Anti-Ageing Congress - Driven by the advancements made in reversing the natural process of ageing, November’s Dubai Congress on Anti-Ageing & Aesthetic Medicine (DCAAAM) – in association with the American Academy of Anti-Ageing Medicine (A4M) and organisers Tarsus – will bring together a global network of scientists and physicians to address the needs of 450 million baby boomers worldwide seeking to retain their youth and maintain health

The Effects Of Menopause On Skin Care - As women we are always aware of the changes that happen with our bodies as the years go on. Some things we can avoid but others we have no choice but to go through. We have changes with our bodies from the time we are born and it is an ongoing process. The one stage that seems to take the most toll on women is menopause.

Folic Acid Reduces Risk of Dementia - Folic acid is critical to proper brain function. A new study found that people with low blood levels of this essential B vitamin are 3½ times more likely to develop dementia than people with normal levels. The study followed people age 65 or older, in South Korea, for about 2½ years.

How to Become Biologically Younger - We know that regular exercisers have lower rates of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity and osteoporosis—all good things. But recent research is indicating that an active lifestyle may actually lead to changes in your DNA that may make you biologically younger than those your chronological age. How cool is that?

Eight Tips To Dramatically Improve Your Chances Of Living Forever - There is no such thing as a natural death. Nothing that happens to Man is ever natural, since his presence calls the whole world into question. All men must die, but for every man his death is an accident. And even if he knows it and consents to it, an unjustifiable violation. — J.R.R. Tolkien

Barbara Walters Special suggests we could Live to be 150 Years Old or Even Longer - Barbara Walters presented cutting edge research on a TV special on ABC called “Live to be 150… Can You Do It?” The claims by some researchers suggest that we could live all the way up to a 1,000 years or even never die.

Protect Yourself from Harmful Toxins - Toxic chemicals are bad for your brain. Exposure to a common industrial solvent, trichloroethylene, can lead to Parkinson’s disease, and having lead in your body can age your brain by as much as five years. Exposure to toxic chemicals has been linked not just to neurological disorders but to cancer, chronic fatigue, allergies, autoimmune diseases, asthma, liver and kidney damage.

Holistic Ayurvedic Approach in the Management of Cancer - Oxygen-Ozone Therapy is based on the research of German biochemist (Otto Warburg) which demonstrated that cancer cells can not live in the presence of High Oxygen levels because they thrive in anaerobic environment... One of the most chilling words in existence - “CANCER” has become the modern plague. According to statistics Cancer is the leading cause of mortality in the world. Hence, the emphasis for all of us should be to find real solutions and to have a vision to heal the world from this tragic disease, since there is a possibility that it can happen to every one of us.

Resveratrol Helps Kill Pancreatic Cancer Cells - Researchers from New York say that resveratrol, a substance found in red wine, can help destroy pancreatic cancer cells and is even more effective when combined with other treatments. Scientists at the University of Rochester Medical Center say that the naturally occurring antioxidant cripples the cell’s core energy source called the mitochondria.
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Natural Relief for Pain and Fatigue - Multi-vitamins, green tea extract and melatonin all help.

Lower Your Blood Pressure with Red Beets - That’s right! Red beets can lower your blood pressure. A new study found red beets help lower blood pressure the same way nitroglycerin does --by relaxing blood vessels. People who drank 2 cups of red beet juice had a drop in blood pressure that averaged 10.4 points at its peak. And 24 hours later blood pressure was still 6 points lower.

Antioxidants Can Help Blunt The Damage Of Chemotherapy - Can antioxidants improve outcomes for patients undergoing treatment for cancer? Although the medical research is far from conclusive, there is increasing evidence judicious use of antioxidants may improve outcomes and survival in patients undergoing chemotherapy.

Ozone-Oxygen Administration In Cancer Therapy - Researchers at the Philipps University Marburg, Campus Marburg, Germany, applied ozone-oxygen by intraperitoneal insufflation for the treatment of rabbit squamous cell carcinomas. This therapy resulted in the complete remission of the cancers in approximately 50% of the animals.
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Ancient Secret Anti-Aging Strategy Takes Just 10 Minutes A Day - You hope that you will age with a minimum of wrinkles and looking 10 years younger than you are, but it’s not much of a reality for most of us, or is it?

Food Compounds That Kill Test-Tube Cancer Cells Analyzed - Strawberries, grapes, blueberries and some familiar seasonings like rosemary contain compounds that can—in test tubes—kill cells of a childhood cancer.

Use Selenium and Zinc to Ward Off Cancer and Boost Immunity - Cancer, a word that no one wants to think about or talk about and people dread hearing, is unfortunately affecting more and more Americans than ever before. The lies of the mainstream media, that we're "winning the war on cancer", are based on statistical nonsense.
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Stanford Researchers' Revolutionary Anti-Aging Skin Care Findings - Researchers at Stanford University in California have reserved the effects of aging on the skin of mice through blocking the action of a single critical protein. The implications of this study, if able to be replicated successfully in human beings, is monumental. It could potentially revolutionize the medical and dermatology industries.

How to Reduce the Appearance of Wrinkles - Wrinkles are the battle scars of age that show the wisdom and experience that can only come with time. In today’s day and age, one of the best ways to get rid of wrinkles is through a facial laser procedure. This may sound painful and time consuming, but the fact of the matter is that you can take advantage of this procedure without minimal discomfort on an outpatient basis. During this procedure a laser will help to correct imperfections in your skin. Of course you will be able to talk about the side effects and results with your doctor before getting started.

'Age-Beating' Molecules Created - Powerful new molecules developed by biotech scientists could pave the way to drugs that hold back aging.

Genesis Redux: Essays in the History and Philosophy of Artificial Life,,, - Since antiquity, philosophers and engineers have tried to take life’s measure by reproducing it. Aiming to reenact Creation, at least in part, these experimenters have hoped to understand the links between body and spirit, matter and mind, mechanism and consciousness. Genesis Redux examines moments from this centuries-long experimental tradition: efforts to simulate life in machinery, to synthesize life out of material parts, and to understand living beings by comparison with inanimate mechanisms.

Beyond Human: Living with Robots and Cyborgs,,, - Concepts once purely fiction -- robots, cyborg parts, artificial intelligences -- are becoming part of everyday reality. Soon robots will be everywhere, performing surgery, exploring hazardous places, making rescues, fighting fires, handling heavy goods. After a decade or two, they will be as unremarkable as the computer screen is now in offices, airports or restaurants.

Insulin Regulates The Secretion Of The Antiaging Hormome Klotho - Boston, MA - Dr. Carmela Abraham, a professor of biochemistry and medicine at Boston University School of Medicine (BUSM), reports this week in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences new findings on Klotho, an anti-aging gene that is associated with life span extension in rodents and humans.

Turn Back the Clock: Newest Procedures and Products - ... We are aging every moment, and while you can look younger, and improve aging features, you cannot stop aging. Today's high-tech and well-researched procedures offer really profound, but natural looking results to help turn an aging appearance as much as 10 years younger.

Top 10 Anti-Aging Tips From Bobbi Brown Living Beauty,,, - Just in time for her 50th birthday, makeup guru Bobbi Brown has written Bobbi Brown Living Beauty (Springboard Press, February, 2007), a book that redefines beauty - and aging - for women over 40.

The Tremendously Hip - Researchers in P.E.I. and two other Atlantic provices are going wild over the rosehips which may be the next hot antioxidant item in the health and nutrition market.

Bring On The Nanobots, And We Will Live Long And Prosper - Extending human life expectancy is not a new story. When our genes evolved thousands of years ago, it was not in the interests of the species for people to live past child-rearing as resources such as food were in very short supply. So human life expectancy was in the 20s a thousand years ago. It was only 37 in 1800. It is now pushing 80, and we have been adding about three months each year for the past several decades.

Protect Yourself: 10 Strategies To Fight Illness - It's cold season, and germ-phobics are preparing for battle. They don't have to look far to find plenty of weapons. Nutritionally enhanced drinks, with names such as House Call and Rescue, stand ready to boost weakened immune systems. Green tea, probiotics, herbs and a slew of vitamin-spiked drinks promise to help fight off those nasty viruses lurking on doorknobs and elevator buttons.

Yoga From The Neck Up - The latest anti-aging remedy is facial yoga, designed to tone the muscles in the face and neck.

Alternative Medicine On Trial - A successful cancer doctor in Reno comes under federal scrutiny for New Age practices. Here's the story from his point of view.

Better Technology To Combat Ageing - A study on hormones showed that we age because the hormone production is declining. Take a break from using wrinkle-free creams and lotions. How about trying stem cell therapy, gene therapy or nanotechnology to look and feel younger for a change?

Stem Cell Breakthrough Is Like 'Turning Lead Into Gold' - In an unprecedented feat of biological alchemy, researchers have turned human skin cells into stem cells that hold the same medical promise as controversial embryonic stem cells.
Researchers have turned human skin cells into stem cells.

The Mprize - A Collection of Research of Interest - Sometimes there's just too much interesting research out there to link to one by one: inroads against age-related disease; uncovering new and important mechanisms of metabolism; progress in promising classes of future therapy.

Can We Live Forever? - This year, nearly 700,000 people will die from heart disease, and almost 600,000 will be killed by cancer. Another 150,000 will become a victim of a stroke. What if scientists could eliminate disease, or what if we could eliminate sickness? If we do everything right, is it possible that we could live forever? Some people say it could happen sooner than you ever thought possible. Right now, life expectancy is 75 years for men and 80 for women. One of the best known futurists in the world, Ray Kurzweil, believes that one day, not too far off in the future, humans could live to be 300 or even 400 years old.

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