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A scientist by the name of Royal Raymond Rife discovered that the unique electronic "signature" of each specific disease can be modified to eliminate nearly every affliction know to man. And it is rapid and completely harmless, without side effects.

Rife discovered that any disease can be eliminated with frequencies based on its individual electromagnetic signature. But agents of the pharmaceutical cartel destroyed his papers. It has taken years to finally reconstruct his work again.

Now why would the pharmaceutical cartel try to suppress a cure as wonderful as the rife machine? It was alarmed that their customers might abandon drugs for a far more effective cure, that costs only pennies in electricity in use.

Now one is thinking, "This is ridiculous! Are you telling me that the medical profession just ignored a harmless electronic method to rapidly eliminate all this pain and suffering, even after all those doctors confirmed this work?"

Yes, that's right. Historically, conventional medicine has taken years to utilize great discoveries (such as penicillin). Medicine awards its highest honors posthumously.

Typically, a discovery which challenges the dogma of orthodox authorities will first be regarded as heresy. Pasteur, for example, was ridiculed and reviled, until medicine finally accepted his germ theory of disease.

And before him, Ignaz Philipp Semmelweis was hounded to death merely for suggesting that 19th century surgeons might be killing patients by operating right after an autopsy without washing their hands.

Other visionaries who were discredited and roasted over a pit in a "medical Inquisition" were Wilhelm Roentgen for discovering X-rays, Morton for ether anesthesia, and Harvey for claiming that blood circulates!

And now that health care is our largest industry, anything that may eliminate all illness will be highly unpopular with all whose services become unnecessary.

The following are just a few of the distinguished medical doctors who were harassed and persecuted in modern times for discoveries that threatened the health care industry.....

Those doctors are: Revici, Burzynski, Livingston, Ivy, Burton, W.F. Koch, Coley, Glover, Lincoln, Priore and Naessens, a scientist. Dr. Koch was killed by arsenic injected in his toothpaste. There is a tragic story implicating the drug cartel in every case.

Perhaps now you understand that any true cure for cancer, diabetes, arthritis and other diseases must always be surpassed for the status quo to continue. It's just like war: millions of people suffer and die because it's so very profitable for others.

Disease is especially profitable for the pharmaceutical cartel. Rife's new technology could eliminate profits of nearly a billion dollars a week for the drug industry. How long do you think it ignored such a threat? The answer is, not long. After a preliminary "offer you can't refuse", this is what happened to Rife and his astonishing electronic therapy:

First arsonists burned the Burnett Lab in New Jersey, which was validating Rife's work. And then, someone fatally poisoned Dr. Milbank Johnson, president of Southern California American Medical Association. He died hours before a scheduled press conference in which he was to announce that Rife's electronic therapy cured every terminal patient in a study supervised by the University of Southern California. (First thought to be accidental death, poison was discovered later by federal investigators who exhumed Dr. Johnson's body).

Dr. Nemes, who duplicated some of Rife's work just 40 miles from Rife's lab, was killed in a mysterious fire which destroyed his lab. Rife stopped work, but died at Grossmont Hospital from a lethal dose of Valium.

Following Dr. Milbank Johnson's murder, threats, and other incidents; 30 doctors once photographed honoring Rife at a banquet now denied they ever knew him!!! Dr. Isaac Kendall, Rife's chief research associate and Dean of Northwestern Medical School, received $200,000 in "grants" & disappeared. Was this a bribe?

It took many years for Rife's colleagues to secretly reconstruct enough of his burned and stolen papers to make effective Rife instruments again available to the public.

In spite of the persecution, skeptics may still wonder why those who knew Rife remained silent. Well, look at it this way folks...

Maybe you think hospitals want in on this. But why would hospital administrators want anything that costs pennies to use, and keeps people out of hospitals altogether? Remember---conventional therapy keeps a patient in bed at $600 a day (just for the bed). And hospitals can bill a cancer patient $200,000 if he/she has insurance.

Okay, then how about research foundations or teaching institutions? Wrong again. Who wants a cure that eliminates hundreds of millions of dollars in grants along with the diseases it eliminates?

Even the giant health insurance industry would be dealt a severe blow by a cure for most diseases. So everyone had much to lose by recognizing Rife.

But if all those doctors confirmed Rife's discoveries, and if the enclosed letters are authentic, wouldn't your doctor have heard about this?

First, the pharmaceutical industry kept Rife out of the medical journals. Since it supported these journals with its advertising, a threat to pull its ads and sponsor another journal was all it took.

So most of today's doctors never heard of Rife. And even if they did, it's naive to assume they would report favorably on anything that would replace his services. If you don't believe they would mislead you, try asking your doctor about the benefits of using vitamins & herbs.

The trouble is, health care is just too profitable. Their livelihoods depend on treating disease. No disease, no jobs.

But surely some medical authority somewhere would alert the news media. So why didn't it make the regular news?

It DID. A front page San Diego paper's story on Rife is enclosed in an envelope that came with this information. But just try to get a copy yourself: you'll be told that this particular date is "unavailable."


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Response to Skeptics:

"Man who say it cannot be done should not interrupt man doing it."
- Chinese Proverb



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